Meaning of Roses

We get this a lot, what are the meanings of the roses? How many stalks should I give? What are the meaning of the color of the roses?
Well, as your preferred online florist, we at SO-EN Florist, are here to help.
We’ve created a quick list for your reference:

Number of Roses

1 stalk – Love at First Sight
2 stalks – Mutual Feelings
3 stalks – I Love You
7 stalks – I am Infatuated by You
9 stalks – Together as Long as We Live
10 stalks – You are Perfect
11 stalks – You are My Treasured One
12 stalks – Be My Valentine
13 stalks – Friends Forever
15 stalks – I am Sorry
20 stalks – I am Sincere Towards You
21 stalks – I am Committed to You
24 stalks – You are always on my mind
36 stalks – I Will Remember Our Romantic Moments
40 stalks – My Love is Genuine
99 stalks – I Will Love You Till the Day I Die
100 stalks – I am Totally Devoted to You
101 stalks – You are My One and Only
108 stalks – Will you marry me?
365 stalks – Can’t stop thinking about you
999 stalks – My Love Will Last Till the End of Time

Colour of Roses

Red – I love you or Encouragement
White – You are heavenly, reverence of innocence & purity
Pink – You are gentle & graceful
Light Pink – Gratitude & appreciation
Dark Pink – Admiration & sympathy joy & gladness
Orange – Enthusiasm
Blue – You are special
Purple – You are my romance
Yellow – Joy, Gladness, Freedom
Two Roses – Joined Together, Engagement
Red and White Roses – Together Unity